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The CES 10 Steps to Quality includes Tex-cote products which come with a lifetime warranty.

TEX•COTE® SUPER•COTE™ systems offer homeowners one of today's most reliable and beautiful solutions to protecting their home's exterior. Not only is TEX•COTE® SUPER•COTE™ 10 times thicker on average than ordinary paint, it also contains special reflective pigments - the same type of pigments used by the U.S. government to cool ships, and provide both reflectivity and reduced radar signature in Stealth bombers.


Due to their ability to reflect light, these pigments can lower surface temperatures by as much as 40-degrees Fahrenheit, when compared to traditional paints and coatings in many colors. This reduction in heat could provide important energy savings for homeowners. In fact, the energy savings could be so significant that the U.S. government has commissioned a study to determine just how much energy can be saved by using the TEX•COTE® SUPER•COTE™ system. It is the only product like it being tested. In addition to the energy savings, TEX•COTE® SUPER•COTET™ features a full palette of beautiful colors to enhance any home style. For more information call us toll free (866) 742-2661 or click here for a free consultation.

If your home is Stucco, Brick, Block or Wood, Texcote products will give it superior protection and long lasting beauty. Applied under extremely high pressure, the strong primer and thick coating fuse together to form a tough bond with the wall.

The Unique, Highly advanced formulation assures its effectiveness against harsh weather conditions, including sun, snow. Frost and rain…plus provides ultra-violet solar reflection, class A fire protection, fade and moisture resistance. Tex-cote provided by CES not only Beautifies but also weather proofs and fights fungus.

Allow CES the opportunity to Tex-cote your home and we’ll offer you a $500.00 discount off your tex-cote investment.

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Tex•Cote offers a Liftetime Warranty

“I just want to thank you for all your help in getting our home painted. The painters and the carpenters did an excellent job and the end result has greatly enhanced the appearance of our home”

- William H. Fults



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